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Adding a basement to an existing pier and beam house.

Like so many projects, adding a basement to an already completed house sounds easy when you say it. Doing it is an entirely different matter.

basement excavation by DIRTCO Construction
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heating and cooling ducts are supported
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First you have to place temporary supports while you do the excavation. In this case the finished project included a steel I-beam to carry the weight of the house. The plumbing lines as well as heating and cooling ducts must also be supported.
securing the site and materials
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securing water lines and duct work
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With the home still occupied, the worksite and materials needed to be secured while not interfering with the work. Care was taken to protect personal property as well.
storing personal property
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DIRTCO met all the challenges
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Within two months we had removed 120 dump truck loads of material to create a 2,000 square foot basement addition. The basement has eleven foot high ceilings, a one foot thick slab, with 48 bell bottom piers, sunk ten feet deep with ten inch thick walls.
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