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Basement garage and driveway approach (Part 1)

This is a basement garage DIRTCO replaced and expanded. The extensive project began with demolition of the original structure and excavation. The scope of the project involved drilling 10' deep bell bottom piers, pouring the foundation floor and walls. The new concrete walls were waterproofed, backfilled with gravel, lining the gravel drainage with filter fabric and topdressing with growers mix dirt. Both sides of the newly poured driveway were retained with rock while attaching the approach to street and drive.

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The original structure needed to be removed before construction could begin.
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A steel fence at the rear of the structure was removed to make room for equipment and the larger garage.
The new garage will preserve the cozy back yard space behind it with better drainage and a more level surface.
The Bobcat is used to knock down the old brick wall and roof.
The DIRTCO crew is careful when removing debris to prevent injury or inconvenience for the client.
With the old structure removed, excavation and reinforcing work can begin.
The excavation takes the back corners out farther with a greater depth. Space for a landing off the patio door is kept as well as saving a shade tree.
Careful measurements are take periodically to ensure proper size and location. The bottom is now near street level.
The slab will be supported by bell bottom piers drilled 10 feet deep.
Special support is engineered into the bottom of the existing wall next to the house.

The DIRTCO crew has so far, removed the old structure, reinforced the remaining wall, excavated to depth and installed bell bottom piers.

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