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Basement garage and driveway approach (Part 2)


DIRTCO has prepared the space for a new wider, deeper basement garage closer to street level. Framing for footers, slab and walls is needed before the day concrete is poured.

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Bags of fill material are placed to properly support the slab. Footers in the center provide additional strength and prevent cracking.
The new lower elevation makes material delivery easier and will make parking in the garage safer for the homeowner.
Steel rebar reinforcement is laid out and tied together over the compacted fill material and spanning the middle footers.
The horizontal rebar is tied to vertical rods that join the floor and walls.
The project is ready for the first concrete. To reach the back of the slab a temporary wooden chute is used to extend the reach of the concrete truck.
The final surface is done with hand trowels to provide an appropriate texture. After the slab has cured work can begin on the walls.
The back corner protrusion and the height of the walls requires more panels to form and additional bracing.
To fill the walls the DIRTCO crew guides the pumper truck hose from a wooden catwalk.
The DIRTCO crew has worked hard to finish the large enclosure and takes time to cool off and clean up before starting the next phase.
The space around the outside of the walls will be filled with stone to provide drainage. A water barrier next to the wall and filter fabric prevent seepage.
Various layers of fill material are used to control the drainage. The raw material is delivered by large trucks and moved around the site with the DIRTCO Bobcat.
The growers mix topsoil is blended to the existing elevations, sloping down to street level.
The area from the structure to the street will have tapering rock retaining walls adjacent to the new driveway.
The new garage doors have been installed before the driveway concrete is poured. The apron is matched to curb and street level.
Steel beams are lifted into notches formed in the concrete walls to support the garage roof. DIRTCO masonry professionals installed the limestone block retaining walls on each side of the driveway.
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