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A portable building by DIRTCO Construction

Between jobs, at the end of 2007, the DIRTCO crew constructed a portable building that can be used as a cabin, workshop or sales office.
portable building construction
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Tyvek moisture barrier
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Unlike a lot of portable buildings, this one included a moisture barrier under the siding and was built using 90% recycled material.
One side of this structure included a standard door and two small windows.
standard door and windows
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One end has two 6 over 6 double hung sash windows in recycled corrugated tin used as siding.
Two sliding patio doors were installed on the back side. The sloped roof provides good run off for rain.
two sliding patio doors
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Inside, space was framed for use as a closet or to be finished out as a small bathroom, with cupboards for storage.
Even the hardwood floors, in this large room, are recycled material, making good use of lumber that would have normally gone to a landfill.

The finished building can be transported and set up at any location. If you need a portable building for your home, ranch or sales lot, give DIRTCO a call.

You can learn more from our partner in this green building project, Reclaimed Space by visiting their web site.

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