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The owners of Cafe Medici in Austin needed additional seating for their neighborhood coffee house. The solution DIRTCO created, used cut stone for durability and a natural appearance.
Cafe Medici in Austin, Texas
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Michael, owner of Cafe Medici
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The location had a limited amount of space to work with so DIRTCO and cafe owner, Michael, chose a design that would make the most of the area available.
The narrow strip of lawn adjacent to the patio and entrance would provide just enough space for casual gatherings.
Cafe Medici outdoor seating area
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The DIRTCO crew selected large blocks of native stone to use as seats.
Careful selection is used to match the size and coloration of each block for a more natural appearance.
Then the bobcat is used to move each block around the work area.
Spacing the blocks in the work yard gives everyone a preview of the final product.
Final positioning of the blocks is done by hand.
With the seating stones laid out in the design pattern, the cafe owner can get a first look at the project.
Each block is then cut with a rock saw to an approximate size.
Experience in cutting stone, is key to safety and reducing waste. The men at DIRTCO know what to look for in the materials and how to work it.
The spacing also allows the crew to evaluate each block in relation to the overall project.
Hand tools are used to score lines for a pneumatic chisel to follow.
Then a pneumatic chisel does the rough shaping on each block.
Various hand tools are employed for the final finish and appearance.
A sander creates the smooth finish needed for comfortable seating.
As the last blocks takes shape, the stone seating portion of the materials is near completion.
The table tops begin as stone slabs cut to the correct thickness.
After being cut to size, the table tops have an indentation shaped into one side to accommodate steel support stands.
Steel pipe that will be used as the base for each table is cut to length.
The design calls for wooden back rests on some seating that will be attached using formed steel.
Each table top gets a final sanding for a smooth finish.
After loading the stone on a trailer it gets power washed to remove the dirt and dust created the shaping.
The finished seating stones retain some of the rose color on the uncut surfaces.
After cleaning, the top surfaces reveal contour cuts designed for greater comfort.
All the materials are delivered along with the DIRTCO crew and tools.
The large seating stones are moved from the trailer to the site using the bobcat.
The DIRTCO crew begins preparing the site by removing the grass.
The location for each block is then marked on the ground.
The seating area will have a cut stone borders and gravel underneath the tables for drainage.
Compacting the ground under each table prevents the stone blocks from settling and tipping over.
The DIRTCO crew sometimes has to use a hand truck to maneuver stone in areas the bobcat won't fit.
Seating on one side of the entrance begins to take shape as the seating blocks are arranged.
Steel posts, with square pieces of flat stock welded to them, are anchored in the ground between the rows of seats.
The posts are ready for the table tops to be set in place. Additional concrete work on the sidewalk and drive can be seen in the background.
With the table tops in place, all that remains is the addition of the wooden backrests to some of the seating to finish the project.
This unique outdoor cafe seating arrangement will be durable and blends well with the neighborhood feel of the cafe. It's a great place to relax and enjoy an espresso with friends.
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