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Curved masonry privacy wall (Part 1)

Both functional and beautiful, this decorative wall was designed and built by DIRTCO to prevent children form entering busy street, give privacy, and reduce noise without breaking checkbook.

After excavating and pouring a footing, the winding limestone wall was built with stone blocks that were 14 to16 inches deep 8 inches tall and random lengths, each one weighing approximately 200 pounds. The construction was very difficult due to height and weight of stone as well as forming the curves.

The window openings are all curved and are made of Millcreek sandstone which added to the challenge. Millcreek is very difficult to work with much more difficult to shape than standard limestone.

Iron gates are integrated into the design in several places to allow pedestrian and vehicle access.

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The existing lawn was previously terraced with rough stone to compensate for the slope. The footer for the new wall is dug and poured to encompass the trees within the walled space.
A small area next to the driveway provides storage for materials and operating the mortar mixing machine. The heavy limestone block is distributed along the length of the wall using the Bobcat.
On each side of the driveway the wall curves in sharply to provide adequate room to pull a car off the street. Steel reinforcing bars are placed every few feet to secure the stone as it get higher.
One of the challenges of building a stone wall with curves is keeping each course level. This was even more difficult on this project due to the several "window" openings.
When viewed from the house, the wall winds around the shade tree at the base of the driveway. At this stage, the difficult work of cutting and placing the Millcreek limestone in each "window" opening begins.

With the main center section taking shape, the DIRTCO crew still has a lot of work ahead. Each "window" needs a custom steel header beam to support the top rows of stone.

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