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Curved masonry privacy wall (Part 2)

With the complex curves of the base courses of limestone block in place, the DIRTCO crew begins the challenging task of placing the steel headers for each "window" opening and placement of iron gates. Each opening is framed with Millcreek limestone which requires much more effort and skill to size and shape.

The bottom sill is flanked by to columns of the stone and capped with more Millcreek. The rows of large blocks are stopped short of the openings to make room to work on the columns.

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Even with a steel beam, temporary bracing is set in place to support the weight of Millcreek stone as the mortar hardens.
With the top row of limestone blocks in place over the openings, the center section of the wall nears completion. The iron gate to be located in the driveway requires special considerations. The homeowner needs to be able to get off the street while the gate opens.
To the right of the driveway, the wall ends with a set of matching limestone steps leading to an iron gate for foot traffic.
The far end of the center section includes an opening for a large iron gate. Again, the last limestone blocks are not placed until the iron work is completed to allow room to work.
With the center section built and equipment removed, the spacing of the "window" openings and the gentle curve of the wall can be seen.
The limestone blocks and Millcreek stone create a beautiful contrast in size and color. The earthy tones change as the sun moves across the sky, while the undulating curve softens the appearance of the wall and accents the terrain.

Decorative iron fills the openings to complete the wall enclosure. Now children and pets have a secure place away from traffic. The curves provide excellent visibility when leaving the driveway.

The result of this DIRTCO design is not only beautiful but delivers added safety while reducing street noise.

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