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DIRTCO donated time and materials to make some much needed repairs and improvements to the landscaping of a small dog walking park.
protecting trees
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bare ground
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Years of erosion had broken up the original sidewalk and was washing away all the soil.
After shielding the trees, heavy equipment was brought in to reshape the terrain.
Dirtco heavy equipment
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The DIRTCO crew began by excavating for a terraced retaining wall.
Filter paper is laid out to hold the soil in place while allowing rainwater to pass through.
A large, relatively level center area is made possible by the terraces.
The DIRTCO crew digs a footer to provide support for large blocks that will be used.
Even though this is pro bono work, it is done with the same high level of construction standards DIRTCO uses on all projects.
Each end of the new terraces will have angled ends that give it more appeal and provide more strength.
Forms and rebar are placed to prepare for pouring the concrete footers.
Two wide footers are prepared at the same time to support the large blocks and create a landing.
After the concrete footers have been poured and cured, large cut blocks of stone are placed using hand tools and old fashion hard work.
Once the blue limestone blocks are lined up, a power saw is used to trim one block set as a design element .
Several truckloads of mulch, donated by the City of Austin Parks Department are needed to back fill the area below the terraces.
The landscaping project begins taking shape as the top cover is blended with the surrounding terrain.
More accessible user space has been created by the design.
The site seamlessly incorporates the few large stone blocks that were part of the original site as well as donations by Cobra Stone.
Visually, the terraces provide an appealing new focal point to the park.
New mulch top cover is also applied to peripheral areas to rejuvenate the ground and improve drainage.
Gently sloping steps leading down to the lower level replace the broken walkway.
The large descending steps also create a much more appealing entrance to the area.
Large stone was used for drainage in the middle terrace creating a people friendly area for pet owners during wet weather.
Long framing blocks will prevent the steps and walk from breaking apart over time as it did in the past.
The finished project has a uniquely Austin look and feel and provides pet owners with a more practical space.
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