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Below grade waterproofing by DIRTCO Construction

There is probably nothing more frustrating than having water seep into your home and not know where it's coming from. This attractive flagstone entrance is concealing one source of the problem.
cutting flagstone
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perimeter excavation
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The inadequate depth of the original water barrier indicated that DIRTCO would have to excavate around the perimeter of the house.
Accessibility for the owners, safety and protecting the existing flagstone was also a priority on this job.
protecting the flagstone
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exposing the problem area
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Exposing the problem areas meant removing material without weakening the structure.
Every project involving an occupied home includes planning to minimizing the inconvenience.
minimizing inconvenience
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Locating underground utilities is essential when trenching around the perimeter of a building.
Repairing the damage is done once the full extent is exposed.
Proper water barrier can then be installed to well below the grade level preventing future leaks.
Corners illustrate the complexity of the remediation to the original construction that is necessary.
Once the new Melroll water barrier is in place, the crew begins to backfill with appropriate drainage material.
Certain areas require special attention like the sill reconstruction at the front entrance.
Some problems may have more than one source, as in the case of this header leaking down.

The experience that DIRTCO brings to a project like this guarantees the work will be done right.


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