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A basic concrete slab by DIRTCO Construction

DIRTCO can construct the slab for a new building on your property.
concrete slab preparation by DIRTCO
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DIRTCO has experienced Bobcat operators
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Using our Bobcat, we'll do the final leveling and cut the footers.
Accurately cutting the footers with true 90 degree corners results in a better foundation for your structure.
layout and measurements are double checked
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DIRTCO uses the appropriate base material
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The Bobcat also allows us to quickly move the appropriate base material into place quickly.
Properly reinforced forms keep the poured concrete in place.
concrete forms are properly reinforced
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curing the slab
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The finished concrete slab is then cured, adjusting for weather conditions, providing a solid base for your project, whether it's a wood frame house, metal building or block structure.
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