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Improved foundation drainage

Many Austin and Hill Country homes are located in areas where drainage can be a problem. DIRTCO can correct water runoff problems that can damage your home or undermine your foundation.
improved foundation drainage
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protecting the existing landscaping
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Our crews take great care to protect the valuable trees whenever a project site calls for manual excavation.
After careful evaluation, the drainage area is dug to the correct depth and proper slope to insure ground water is carried away from the foundation.
digging to the appropriate depth
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DIRTCO uses the right waterproofing materials
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By applying the appropriate waterproofing material DIRTCO sealed this foundation before adding the drainage system.
Filter paper is placed around the utility lines in the drainage trench for this project.
placing the filter paper
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the final prep before backfilling
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Final preparation and inspection is done before backfilling the drainage trench.
The addition of large stone allows the runoff to move in the desired direction away from the structure.
backfill material
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