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Smooth Sawn Stone Walkway by DIRTCO Construction

When the owners of this ranch home wanted to add walkways for more convenience, they were certain that it had to have style. To better blend with the neighborhood, DIRTCO chose cut stone for durability and a natural appearance.

Cut Stone Walkway
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streetside repair
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The sidewalk and curb also needed some repair.
After removing the old concrete, forms and steel mesh were set for the new sidewalk.
forms and steel mesh
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Plate steel is cut to match the contour of the existing curb to blend the new with the old .
The end result is a perfect match to the existing lines.
Preparing the soil for the new cut stone walkway is important even on a smaller project like this.
A covered walkway runs from the driveway to the main entrance. DIRTCO chose to stagger rectangular stepping stone perpendicular to the house for a modern look.
The cut stone is supported by concrete base for durability.
Staggering the walk from the driveway to the main entrance maintains the geometry of the overall project.
Palletized cut stone for the short walkway is stacked nearby.
The design DIRTCO implemented on this project leads from the street to a short privacy wall.
Pallets of larger cut stone for the main walkway were moved in closer to the work area.
The main walkway begins with supporting concrete adjacent to the public sidewalk.
A larger starting point offsets the geometry of the walk as it goes around the privacy wall.
Right angles create a modern look and open up the landscaping possibilities.
Constructing the walkway a few feet away from the privacy wall develops a spacious entrance.
Removing the old tile completes the preparation right up to the front door.
With all the concrete support pads in place it's time to unpack the cut stone that will provide the natural finish.
Three types of smooth sawed leuders limestone was used for the top surface, antique, gray and buff.
With the 1 1/14 inch thick limestone cut to various size squares, they are mortared into place on the concrete pads.
Joining the driveway section, the main walkway creates a spacious inviting entrance.
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