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Making the most of a hillside home

This home had a beautiful view of the Texas Hill Country. DIRTCO reshaped the landscape to provide a more usable space to enjoy the view.
DIRTCO enhances the panoramic view
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retaining native trees
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By creating terraces with sweeping curves and boundary walls of stone and steel, this modest area is transformed.
The retaining wall and boundary wall are spaced to allow a walking path on the previously steep slope.
retaining walls and boundary walls
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DIRTCO blends stone and steel
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By mixing stone and steel in the design, DIRTCO maintained the height of the boundary wall without obscuring the wonderful view.
The more gentle slope also allows the native trees to remain.
reducing the slope
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matching planting beds complete the look
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Matching planting beds complete the look. Now the homeowner has a shady area to relax and enjoy the scenic view.
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