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Privacy wall with stone and steel

This fine example of DIRTCO creating a privacy wall with stone and steel, shows the artistry of our skilled masons.
privacy wall with stone and steel by DIRTCO Construction
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capped columns and walls
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The capped columns and walls create a rich appearance as well a being practical.
The placement of steel mesh panels between several columns retains the view.
retaining the view
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DIRTCO specializes in Mexicana Rustico
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DIRTCO specializes in the popular Mexicana Rustico style.
Even with rough stone, DIRTCO crews create plumb, vertical surfaces and square corners.
even with rough stone DIRTOC creates square corner
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fit and finish
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The quality fit and finish shows at the spots where stone and steel come together.
Blending styles and stone types in a project adds to the natural look.
blending styles
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riverstones set in the mortar
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This homeowner chose a design that incorporates riverstones in the mortar for the sidewalk.
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