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Creating an elaborate backyard landscape

The rear entrance to this property gives a hint of the natural beauty inside. The blending of wood and iron are the first mixed elements that make this project so special.
wrought iron gate entrance
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numerous planting beds
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Numerous planting beds separate the yard into distinct areas, each with a distinct look.
A large stone seating area is adjacent to the patio section made of randomly set natural stone The layout by award winning Landscape Designer Robert Leeper creates a cool and comfortable feeling.
seating in the patio area
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plants provide visual cues
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The use of various plants in particular areas provide visual cues of the layout. Here small shrubs mark the location of steps at the end of the walk.
Planting beds, containing various types of bushes and ground cover, line the edge of the property.
planting beds along the property line
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a splash of color
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A splash of color in the plant selection highlights the terraced planting beds near the patio.
Large carefully cut stones are set in the lawn to create the walkway.
large stones create the walk
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