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Sometimes a project comes along that's out of the ordinary even for a company as diverse as DIRTCO. Building a racetrack for the Armadillo SuperMoto event in Galveston, Texas was a great change of pace.
Armadillo Supermoto
Finding just the right material locally for motorcycles to race on was key to the safety of the riders. The event was held on the Moody Gardens parking lot. Galveston also has regulations preventing the removal of any top soil from the island, so after the event the soil was donated to local landscape projects.
building jumps
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The DIRTCO crew, family and friends used a smaller vehicle to get around the large site. There was a lot to do and see aside from the work. Everyone got to relax and let loose between setting up the track and cleanup afterwards.

getting around the site
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With everything ready to go, the guys can sit back enjoy some racing.

The riders appreciated the hard work by the DIRTCO crew in creating and maintaining a challenging yet safe section of track.

supermoto rider
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One of the things the crew got to do while working on this project is take a helicopter ride to get a good view of the track.

The promoters seemed pleased with the outcome as well.

Armadillo Supermoto promoters
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After the racing was over, the grounds had to be returned to the original condition. The bales were picked up, the banners taken down and the dirt scooped up and hauled off, leaving the site as clean as it was.
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