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BI-level concrete patio by DIRTCO Construction

This BI-level concrete patio is unique due to the triangular shape and relationship to the building. The DIRTCO crew started the project by forming two columns at the corners of the recess..
forming concrete column
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laying out the triangle
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Modern residential designs like this often require unconventional layout and construction.
However, the principles of concrete construction remain consistent. The footer for this patio needed to be deep due to groundwater concerns.
trenching the footer
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deep excavation in recess
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A deep excavation in the recess addresses the issue as the crew begins building the slab support inside the short footer.
With the triangular area laid out and back filled, a footer trench is dug.
trenching the triangle boundary
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Rebar is tied to the building and forms are place for creating the second level.
Plastic sheeting is used to protect the many beautiful wood doors on this house,
A pumper truck was required on this project to move concrete from the street to the patio.
Protecting the landscape is always a priority on DIRTCO construction projects.
Starting in the recess, the concrete pour will work outwards to the forms on the point of the triangle.
A little banter between the guys makes the work more enjoyable as the concrete finish crew waits on the pumper to be refilled.
With the fresh concrete poured in the recess and narrow end of the triangle, the crew begins floating the surface.
The depth and final shape of the patio are revealed after the forms are removed.
Curing is the final stage of any concrete pour even for this triangular design.
The patio is only part of the total project that DIRTCO worked along side Big Red Sun and PB Construction to complete.
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